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Double room with terrace

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Double room

Located on the northern coast, in the district of Mercadal, the lighthouse is built on top of a 90m high cliff. Both the tower and the house are painted white. The beam can be seen from 36 nautical miles.

The room has the following facilities:

  • A double bed
  • A terrace with views over Ciutadella’s skyline
  • A window overlooking a pedestrian street
  • A private bathroom
  • A large rain shower
  • Free WiFi
  • What can we offer you?

    “Local produce on the menu ”

    Making the most of a stay in Menorca is all about tasting local food. There is a selection of local produce every morning for your breakfast (a meal called berenar here). And we can let you in on the secret of where to find that heavenly tasting sobrasada to take home with you.

  • What can we offer you?

    “Chatting under a Menorcan arch ”

    The first place we would like to show you, as soon as you come in the front door, is our small cellar with an arch carved in the local limestone. It is an architectural jewel, a great spot to sit and sip a gin and lemonade or sample some of the famed local cheese.

  • What can we offer you?

    “Our door is open all year round.”

    The doors of the Petit Hotel 5 Fars have a Menorcan latch which can be opened whenever you like. The island is to be enjoyed not merely for its beaches and summer fiestas, but 365 days a year.

  • What can we offer you?

    “Our advice”

    As we were born here and we like exploring, we know every inch, every talaiot (you will discover new words when you get here) and every adventure worth experiencing in Menorca. If you want some advice on what to see and do, we can help, and if needs be, we can accompany you. By the way, we go for a walk along the Camí de Cavalls on Sundays. Anyone want to join us?

  • The shortest distance between mankind and the truth is a story

    (From the book Los cinco Faros (Five Lighthouses) written by FerranRamon-Cortés)

  • Follow your heart in life,
    rather than being sensible

    (From the book Los cinco Faros (Five Lighthouses) written by FerranRamon-Cortés)


C. Carnisseria, 40

Ciutadella de Menorca

07760 · Balearic Islands

T. (+34) 971 489 220

(+34) 696 088 708